Patrick Terry

Simply Put- Antionne is the real deal. I’ve never met anyone that can offer the complete package no matter what your goal is. Whether your goal is to lose weight, to become an elite athlete or train for a specific sport – he will develop a very specific program just for you. For me personally – I have the honor of being one of the few Krav Maga Black Belts in this country. I had very specific needs to prepare for a very long and laborious testing weekend. I was among the oldest to be training and testing at this level and I was also very overweight when I started this latest round of training. In 5 months, I lost over 50 pounds, was stronger and more powerful than I’ve ever been, my nutrition was perfect, and I passed my test! Antionne developed a program for me that I enabled me to achieve this lofty goal and do it while maintaining a very busy life style.

There are many personal trainers that can be found in almost any gym. However, there are very few that truly walk the walk. Antionne has a unique infectious personality. There is no question that if you listen and follow his plan – you WILL meet your goal. And you can trust he will hold you accountable.

A true inspiration, superb athlete, nutritionist, strength coach, motivator, accountability partner, and a friend. He is not satisfied with you simply reaching your goals – he expects you to exceed them and then set new ones for yourself. And he will be there to help you! I would recommend Antionne to anyone who is serious about their health and fitness goals.

Patrick Terry Krav Maga Black Belt

Mindy Glaspie

“I had been sick my entire life! After my liver transplant, I chose to Live”- Mindy Glaspie

Mindy started her journey with me in August 2012. When I met Mindy, she did not have much strength and a lack of appetite because most foods she tried to eat would make her ill. Mindy told me that she had been battling illness her entire life and just recently her physician discovered she needed a liver transplant to have a chance at continuing life. Most people would throw in the towel, but not Mindy! One thing she did possess was Determination and a will to Live! With an undying Spirit, a will to Live, and my guidance on proper Nutrition and Exercise, Mindy is a Living testimony on what Wellness is all about!

Mindy Glaspie